Friday, November 19, 2010

My husband IS a rock star

I'm quite possibly the luckiest woman in the world because I married this guy:
James is in a word, FANTASTIC. And in another, WONDERFUL.

Seriously. There is no amount of exaggeration going on here. I figure as it is Thanksgiving next week I'll list the reasons why he is such an amazing spouse.
#1- He has a sense of humor and is able to maintain it during stressful times.
#2- He is understanding. Case in point, "costume shop time." Usually when I'm working in the shop and I say, "I'll be done in fifteen minutes" it usually means twenty or twenty-five. I usually try to not hold to costume shop time if we have somewhere to go but even then
he's so patient!
#3- James doesn't think my taste in music is weird.
#4- He takes charge of things when I'm stressed out or busy with school stuff.
#5- Connected to #4, he can cook AND clean! Here is some proof. Sorry about the color levels, I was trying to be sneaky and take the picture from the dark hall.
#6- James may be laid back but he is also ambitious and responsible, a crazy-great combination.
#7- He sings really well. (Funny story: when we were in California last month an elderly couple asked him if he was professional singer after sacrament meeting. I still tease him about it.)
#8- He has a wonderful family. I was pretty sure I liked him a lot before I met his parents but I knew for sure after meeting them. His sisters are all amazing too.
#9- James keeps me focused. I've been a little distracted lately and kind of baby hungry but he sweetly reminds me that we are BOTH in grad school and graduation is less than two
years away. It's not too long to wait.
#10-James noticed me. Sure it took him a year to ask me out, but he was only guy in our singles ward to do it. I am so lucky!

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LaRene said...

I will agree that you have a wonderful husband, but I also feel that you both are very lucky to have found each other. I felt that from the first time we met James. Love to both of you