Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sisters, together again

For the first time, TWO Keller kids went to the prom this year. No, Alex did not take Lauren. That would be weird and they are much too popular and cool for those shenanigans.
Hil and I helped Lauren get ready. I did her hair although it was only after she ratted her hair to her specifications. But I did help her curl it AND I pinned it in to place. I totally helped.

Notice two things in this picture:
1) Lauren's tan. Hil and I are striking shades of pale. Even Avery is in on the pale action.
2) It's official. She is taller than both of us. She's wearing Converse style Vans under her dress.



Mechelle said...

you guys are so cute together! That is exactly what family is for- to help each other get ready for big days! Yours is next! Where is your apartment? How are the wedding plans?

Jarom and Amber said...

This is such a cute picture! :) I can't believe how grown up Lauren is. She looks beautiful! And both of her sisters look good too! :)