Friday, April 30, 2010

A Final Project and an "Old" Photo

One of my favorite classes, possibly ever, has been Amanda Profaizer's pattern drafting class. For our final project we patterned and then constructed three half scale outfits.
I made:
A suit jacket with three piece sleeves and a pleated slip dress.
The jacket has a really cute rosebud button and teal lining. I love contrasting lining in jackets. The pleats got a little messed up when I put in the side zipper but I think I would know how to do a better job in a full scale outfit.
I also made a yellow silk dress with long sleeves and a cowl neck back.
This is technically the second version of this dress. The first one was a fantastic pink silk but it was sort of skanky-short. If a real person wore it, they would need to wear pants or have a really short torso and then not move.
I also made a really cute dress with neck darts and lantern sleeves. I am strongly considering making this dress for reals, although with a pencil skirt and smaller sleeves.
The front view. I am really loving the four darts in the neckline!
Here is teal lining of the wool jacket. I am really proud of this!
Last up is a photo I meant to post a while ago but I didn't get around to it.
Hilary and Avery came to visit my parents for Spring break. They met us at Maddox for dinner so James could meet Hil and Ave. I wish this picture wasn't so zoomed out but I guess this is what you get for having a random person take a photo!
Next week is finals week. We are now less than 100 days until the wedding.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the bigger pictures of your latest designs. Who would have thought that you liked bright linings. The lantern sleeves are a good variation, have never seen that style. Why does the material in that dress look familar? It is not surprising to me that you can come up with orginal designs, you were designing clothes for the dolls you made at a very young age. Love Ya Linz

Ellen Nicole Allen said...

I love these! I would totally wear all of them.

Brandon and Mandy said...

Congratulations Lindsay on your beautiful creations! Oooo girl, I'm sure I would pay you to make me some cute dresses. They would be special, because they were made with lots of love! =D
Less than 100 days until you tie the knot! Hang in there. Those last few days seem to go longer than before. It will be a great day though!!
By the way, thank you for your comment on my lesson dilemma. It made me smile. I love you cousin!