Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm taking a break...honest!

Is it just me or this quite possibly the LONGEST Spring semester, ever? With that being said, I'm sort of glad that there are still a week and a half to get stuff done.

What sort of stuff do I have to get done?
I'm glad you asked.

I have rendering for "Always...Patsy Cline."
I have to construct three outfits for this lovely half-sized figure, Louise. I'm going to make a shirt dress, a dressy dress and a fancy dress. I will keep you posted on how they actually turn out. I started the dressy dress today and it didn't do what I wanted it to do. Good think I have time to work on it.
As part of a "tradition," James and I took another picture of ourselves at the linger longer (quite possibly the only thing I'll really miss about a single student ward.)
Apart from the partion backdrop, it's not a bad photo! We are now 109 days away from the wedding but I'm not REALLY counting down.

(I also have to finish my renderings for costume design. I'm designing "The Firebird." So far, so good!)


Jared and Jessica said...

You look BEAUTIFUL Lindsay! James is one lucky guy!

Paige said...

Don't worry. The Linger Longer's don't necessarily stop after you leave the single's ward. Although I have to say, the planning of Linger Longer's is starting to be the bain of my existence! Our ward loves them, so I have to keep putting them on.