Thursday, March 25, 2010


I can't figure out for the life of me why my last posting is so messed up, lettering wise. It is sort of really bugging me.

Other thoughts:
  • James and I looked at an apartment last night. It was kind of surreal. Surreal like ring shopping or dress shopping. It's hard to believe it is actually happening. I feel like I have been single forever, which is sort of true because over 20 years of solid memories kind of constitutes that.
  • My roommate's grandparents arrived home yesterday from their mission. They are really nice and I hope I don't feel too awkward about living in their basement until May.
  • I think I have a cold that I have almost beat into submission. It isn't a full blown cold but it's enough that my voice sounds funny and my throat hurts. Gross.
  • Planning a wedding is sort of for the birds. I understand why people elope. (DON'T WORRY, WE ARE NOT ELOPING!)

That's about it, folks.


Candice J said...

For the sake of the family...I hope you don't elope. :) heehee!! It's weird when life changing events happen all at once? It's like growing up over night. But trust me, just because you're married doesn't mean you have to grow up. :)

Rebecca said...

I am with you on the 'planning a wedding is for the birds." Even though Dan and I had a fabulous wedding day and a lot of fun... we sometimes think of all the things we could have done with our money if we had eloped... but it's true, you gotta due it for the family and it will be beautiful! I am just so very happy for you!