Saturday, March 20, 2010


I found my wedding dress today!
We went back to Bridal Image in Bountiful on Saturday after visiting several other stores on Saturday. I love it!

No pictures though.


Spring break is over now and we're headed back up to Logan tomorrow. I'm sure the semester will be over before I know it and then it will be the Lyric season and then our wedding! I'm sure the time will fly.


Here is a hint of what my dress looks like:


Here it is... said...

Nice hint... ha ha... well where did this lucky dress find you. It's really a bummer than I couldn't come on Sat. sorry again, even though your the best and you already forgave me. Thanks for being great like that!!! Okay so really where did you find it and your top 3 things that you LOVE about it!!! Loves Lex

Brandi Hyer said...

You are amazing! It was so good to get to see you!

Brandon and Mandy said...

Hmmm, I have an idea of where this detail of the dress, but I'll just have to wait to see you in it before I make assumptions. Congrats on the engagement! The proposal was cute! And don't worry, I will try to update my blog as much as I can.

Christina said...

Yea right Linz, it's going to seem like three years at least until August comes. Nice try though.