Tuesday, July 7, 2009

They put the "Fun" in Funeral

I watched quite a bit of the Michael Jackson memorial service today at work and then at home. It was a very interesting and sometimes touching (in an emotional way, back off the inappropriate jokes, he's dead.) The following are my favorite moments for various reasons.

Moment #1: Mariah Carey's amazing mono-bang. That thing did not move despite her finger and hand wagging. Not only did it not move but it looked like you could still run your fingers through it. A tip of my hat to you, Mariah Carey.

Moment #2: LaToya Jackson's ginormous face obscuring hat. That thing is HUGE! Atleast Janet wore a hat that still showed her face (although she did cover it with massive Victoria Beckham glasses.)
Moment #3: Jennifer Hudson announcing her pregnancy by wearing a white, empire waisted dress. You can't tell me she's not pregnant, she totally is! Hang on, let's ask someone to confirm...
Usher, what do you think?
Yep, pregnant. Note to self: if I am ever going to hide a pregnancy I need to remember to NOT stand next to Usher in a picture.

Moment #4: Corey Feldman's...uh, outfit?
Dude, this is like showing up to a wedding dressed like a bride. It's just weird. The Jackson brothers had a much better way of honoring their brother:
See the subtle sequined gloves? That's classy. A military-esque jacket with a fedora and shades? Not so much.

Moment #5... Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture of Al Sharpton at the end of the service while everyone was singing "Heal the World." Fortunately, I found it on the blessed youtube. Fast forward to 4:35. It is really great.

I feel for you, Rev. Sharpton, if I was in that situation I'd look just as awkward.

I wasn't really a Michael Jackson fan but he was one heck of a talented singer and dancer. And, when his daughter said what a great father he was, I cried. I'm sensitive like that.


Hilary said...

I love the latest post. So funny. Thanks for the laugh. I didn't watch it yesterday, but now I feel all caught up!

Scarlet said...

okay, for starters ... I LOVE Cory Feldman's outfit. It's very Michael Jackson of the 80's. Awesome.

The gloves... they were a nice touch both as a salute to MJ and also to avoid getting pesky fingerprints on the solid gold casket. (may I just say that when I go I want a solid gold casket.)

I was a Michael Jackson fan. Outwardly bac in the 80's and 90's but in the last decade or so it became one of those silly closet romances where you are but you don't want to admit it so you listen to a song here or there and hope no one catches you sort of thing. But Yeah, I loved the music and I was oddly enough looking forward to the new tour in hopes that there would be a new CD. oh well so ends the life of another part of my childhood.