Monday, July 20, 2009

Reasonably Priced Custom Clothes

My boss, the Amanda Profaizer, introduced the costume shop staff to a really cute web site.

It's full of cute and interesting clothes like this dress:

I think it looks an awful lot like this dress from J.Crew:
There are some differences between the dresses: the burgundy dress is made of cotton satin while the blue green dress is made of taffeta. The burgundy dress is unlined with a side tie closure while the blue green dress is fully lined with "hidden on seam pockets." (I don't know what that means but hidden pockets are usually a good idea in my book.) The eShakti dress can be customized (for a small fee, $10) using your mesurements (waist, bust, shoulder, arm, etc..) ensuring a perfect fit. Even with the customized fit the eShakti dress comes to a total of $59.95 plus shipping while the J. Crew dress will set you back $129.99 (and that is the sale price.) Granted, both have separate shipping costs but $60 for a customized dress that is really cute? That sounds a-OK in my book.

On another random note...I came across this picture while web surfing and my first thought was, "Why is Anne Hathaway wearing tights in the summertime?"

Oh wait, she isn't. And I thought I had white legs.
Way to be pale, Hathaway, way to be pale.


Hilary said...

that dress is darling! i knew there had to be someone (beside us and MOM) that had the whitest legs! love ya

Mechelle said...

that dress is way cute! I am glad that my legs aren't the whitest in the world anymore- thanks Anne!

BrandeeJ said...

I am so glad you posted this I wasn't paying attention when Amanda was showing you that site because I assumed it was only average sized but I checked it out because of your post and they have my size I'm totaly getting buying something from them I'll let you know when I do.