Thursday, June 18, 2009

What to do, what to do...

Recently I had a conversation with an acquaintance. During the talking/listening I thought of another intense young lady:

I really wish I had the sound effect that goes along with this because it would have been so apt for the situation.

This makes me wonder, how do you handle a scenario where someone devulges unwelcome personal information? How do you deal with a person who invades your personal space (literally and figuratively) without insulting them? How do you tactfully dodge odd requests and possible favors? I feel like in my almost 26 years of being alive I should be equipped to handle various situations but I am at a loss. I feel as though I could possibly chalk it up to the fact that I consider myself to be an introverted person. I usually don't get up into other people's "biz-nazz" (okay, that's only really funny when spoken and not by me.) Like I was saying, I usually don't butt myself into other's people's business even if I feel like my opinion would be a help to them.
Anyway, any advice?

One other item of news. I made a "Beethoven Day" stencil for You're A Good Man Charlie Brown at the Lyric Theatre. Snoopy wears the shirt during the Beethoven Day number, it's sort of exciting to see my stencil on stage and not just in my closet.


gurrbonzo said...

No advice can be given without specific examples. Share, please. Are we talking overshare like "I have a crush on so and so what should I do?" or overshare like "My STD is such a bummer."

Lindsay said...

Oh you are so wise, Gurr-Cannon. I being over vague, as usual. I will remedy this in future posts (because I am sure I will have another run in with this individual.)