Monday, June 8, 2009

I found this on my car...

Technically, it was rolled up and wedged in the handle on the driver's side. At first I thought it was a flier for some stupid party (I found a lot of those on my car while I was rehearsing at Weber) as soon as I realized it was a note I was pleasantly surprised:

In case you can't make out the writing, here is a transcription:
"I used to own this
beetle! Custom daisy wheels!!
She looks beautiful
great memories...
I'm glad to see her
still in great shape!!
First off, I was just tickled that the former owner left a note about the car. Secondly, the first owner was named LINDSAY! Okay, she spelled it differently but when you say it out loud, it sounds the same. Also of note is the stationary: it is the dealership that we both used. Small world!
In terms of a "Lindsay update," I'm starting my fourth week at the Lyric theatre, making costumes and working on a wardrobe crew. It has been pretty stormy today, lots of lightning and tons of thunder. The rain was ice cold New York style: huge drops and lots of them! It was really COLD. It's supposed to be pretty mild this whole week. I'm not sure what else I can write as far as an update goes. I'm really digging frosted mini wheats but that's not really blog worthy.


Erika said...

That rocks. I would LOVE to find my old car from high school, Wanda the Honda, I'd leave a note too and then try to break in so I could take it for a spin. :)

Brandi Hyer said...

That is awesome! I wish i could find all of my old cars. But if i did and it was dirty and not taken care of i would kill them! LOL