Monday, July 21, 2008


I just returned from babysitting my friend's kids for the weekend. Granted, this was a little more complicated because I stayed at their house from early Friday morning until late Monday evening. Their poor daughter was really surprised when she woke up and there was no Mommy, just Lindsay. That would be a really awful surprise for a two year old. It was an awful surprise for the two year old. The four year old was better about it, he remembered that his parents were going on a trip. During the past few days I have learned some valuable lessons:
  1. Lids of sippy cups should be screwed on correctly before placing in a non-waterproof bag. If you have any questions about proper procedure, ask the four year old, he's smarter in sippy cup know-how than you.
  2. No matter how many times you tell a two year old that your name isn't Mom, she'll probably just keep calling you Mom out of habit. It's easier to say than Lindsay.
  3. Cutting up carrot sticks into circle shapes and calling them "coins" really does make them more fun to eat.
  4. If you are with two kids, make sure you have two of everything, preferably identical. (Sticker books are a hot item. Prepare for war if you only have one.)
  5. If you have only packed two granola bars and a small bag of carrot sticks for sacrament meeting treats, you are so screwed. You should have packed MORE!

It was an interesting experience because it gave me a small feeling of what it would be like to be a single, working mom. I watched the kids in the mornings and the nights while I worked at the bank in the afternoons and evenings. It was only after I realized how hard it was on them to have so many different sitters that I relaxed and had fun. They were really cute and incredibly smart. I think they get it from their mother. ;)


LIZ said...

Don't worry with your own kids you get to learn with them. It's much harder watching someone else's kids. Hey, but now you know how to screw on a sippy cup lid.

Mechelle said...

That is so funny- kids really do know more than us when it pertains to them! sounds like you did an awesome job though! I think that it is harder watching other peoples kids too!