Thursday, July 31, 2008

Here are some pictures from Hilary's baby shower at our house. I know she's pregnant but she really doesn't look it yet. This is a picture of Josh's grandma, his aunt, and me. I served with Josh's grandma in New York. She and her husband served in Batavia and I ended my mission there. Convienent.
Just think this picture is funny. Hilary still looks great.

I recieved my scores for the Millers Analogies Test this week. My scaled score was 440. I scored in the 84 percentile for my intended major and I scored in the 94 percentile for my total group. I still don't really know what it means exactly but I do know the following things:
  • My scores don't suck.
  • I am going to Utah State in January, they have a spot for me and everything.
  • According to wikipedia (that bastian of knowledge) to join Mensa you need to score in the 95 percentile. I'm not really convinced. It did give me something to laugh about for a little bit.

One last thing:

Jordan is going to be home next Saturday. It's crazy!

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shannon said...

congrats on your test scores! and good luck at usu! that sounds great.