Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Costumes (part two!)

I have a habit of keeping way too many pictures on my phone. Sometimes I keep the old project pictures as a reminder to document my work. Most of the time I'm too lazy to turn on the computer in the basement and download my pictures. 
I realized this morning that I never finished last year's post of Halloween costume work. My follow through has really been lacking lately. 
Mina had initially decided that she wanted to be a mermaid for Halloween. I purchased some shiny fabric and stuff with lots of glitter and sequins. It was going to be beautiful. 
Then she changed her mind as 3 year olds often do. 
She wanted to be ELSA. This was a bit of a no brainier, she was obsessed with Frozen. 
This was her favorite part of her birthday. Holding hands with a floor display at Target. While wearing an Elsa shirt. Seriously. 
I put the base section of her costume together back in August. I gave myself a few months to bedazzle it. 
I should have purchased a heat setting tool. 
Instead, I altered round sequins and sewed them on, one by one. It was ridiculous. 
It was time consuming, to say the least. 
By the time I finished the back section it started to seem worth all the work. The way the sequins shimmered behind the organza was really beautiful!
It took a lot of buckling down but I managed to finish it. 
I added some silver paint to the hem to add some dimension and interest. 

I managed to finish Magnus' Kristoff costume too! He even had a tiny Sven!
Mina's hair is short (obviously) so an Elsa braid was out of the question. I consoled her with a sparkly headband, that seemed to do the trick.

I made myself a costume too, I'm obviously CRAZY. This was a challenge to say the least. 
Fun fact: the knit gold lamé doesn't like sewing machines, it's a serger lover. 
I used my Gramma's fabric stash for part of my costume and supplemented with clearance fabric and paint. I wasn't interested in spending a lot of money on my own costume. 
Anna's costume is based on traditional Scandinavian wear that is covered with beautiful embroidery. I did not have the time nor the patience for that. 
Fabric paint to the rescue!
Yep, crazy!
Mina's best friend was Anna so they made a cute pair!
Attempting a family picture. 
Phew. Halloween is exhausting. 

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