Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Costumes part 3

Last Halloween I made a bunch of costume pieces that went to Disneyland. I wrote about my niece's costume last year, because it happened last year. SIL's family went for a Star Wars theme: Han Solo, Leia and Yoda. The Yoda costume was the most time intensive. 
I sculpted the hat out of white felt, a needle and thread. 
The hat taking shape. 
The first coat of paint on the hat and gloves. 
I added acrylic paint highlights and shadows for dimension. I made shoe covers, gloves, under shirt, pants, robe and a belt. 
I was pretty pleased with the result!
Our nephew liked it too!
I made a Han Solo best for his Dad, complete with functioning pockets and lining. 
I was so proud of it! 

Then we had a fitting and it was too small. So, I made another one. 

I helped my SIL with her Leia costume, a repeat of one I made for myself in 2013! We made a poncho, pants and belt.
Their cute family!

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