Monday, October 15, 2012


Mina's Halloween costume is moving right along.  I posted some pictures on Facebook of the costume and of Mina's second costume fitting.  Here is my process of making a little costume.

I made a tiny sketch of the finished costume.  I think this is really helpful because sometimes it is really hard to keep a handle on the final product.  I usually make a few notes of how long certain measurements are or other logistical things.  

After that I draft a pattern based on the costume piece.  Here is a picture of the skirt pattern piece traced on to the interfacing fused to the gold fabric.  The fabric wasn't very sturdy so I added a layer of interfacing for integrity without making it uncomfortable for Mina.  Even though it is a robot costume it is still a baby's costume.
All of the triangular skirt pieces came together to form the skirt.  I'm glad I always understood fractions in school because I use them a lot!

Mina's first costume fitting!

This was a shot of the costume around the time of the fitting.  I was trying to figure out if the spacing for the pom poms would effectively mimic the hemispheres on the Dalek.  I think it worked even though the color is a little jarring.  I remedied that with a few layers of gold spray paint.
After I sprayed the pom poms I hot glued them on to the skirt.  I only burned my fingers a little bit.

And another fitting!  Sorry the picture is blurry.  2 month old babies don't have the best leg control.  Or anything control.

All that is left is the hat and a few last embellishments on the onesie.  It's going to be great!


Mandy Callahan said...

She is so precious and like I said before, you have a very special gift for sewing! Love you guys.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

This child will never, ever lack for a costume or prom dress. She is so darling, Lindsay. Had no idea you were a Dr. Who fan. Keep sharing.