Thursday, August 9, 2012


Also known as a phone dump.
I've had a few pictures on my phone that I have meant to write about.  I also recently learned how to take a picture of the screen, it only took eight months to learn how to use my iPhone.  Oh well.

First up, this gem.
What: A slightly threatening text
When: Memorial Day Weekend (refer to my recently acquired photo taking skill)
Who: It's a mystery
We were out visiting graves for Memorial Day when I received this weird text.  I opted not to respond because I didn't know the number nor do I owe anyone money.  I finally figured out how to take a picture of the screen when Lauren wanted to see what my texts looked like (phone update issues) so James showed me.  He's nice like that.

Picture #2
What: A self portrait by James
When: Last weekend? Sometime he hadn't shaved?  Basically, it wasn't Sunday, he shaves that day.
Who: James
This is what I find when I leave my phone unattended.  Nice.

Picture #3
What: Our "living" butter lettuce
When: Last week or the week before
Who: I took this because I thought it was funny in a science experiment kind of way
We get Bountiful Baskets once or twice a month, depending on when we remember to order.  I thought this was slightly disturbing for the "Absolutely Fresh Because It's Still Alive!" label.  I half expected the lettuce to scream when I cut it apart.  Despite that creepiness, it was a very good head of lettuce and it DID taste very fresh.

Picture #4
What: My quilting sampler
When: A couple of weeks ago, packing up some boxes
Who: Another picture by me
I made this sampler when I took a quilting class with my Mom and ladies from our ward.  I can't remember when exactly theses classes took place but I know it was at least 15 years ago.  I should finish it but I don't know what I would do with it once it's done.  

I plan on blogging about our 2nd anniversary.  We went to dinner at Cafe Sabor, visited the Willow Park Zoo (my first time) and we went on two walks.  I would blog about it now but I actually used my camera to take some pictures and my camera cord is at my parent's house.  I had left my phone at home.

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Scarlet said...

first of all... Maybe it was a message from beyond the grave since you got it while at a cemetary.

secondly... you should finish the quilt sampler and give it to Mina as a little snuggly or to use for a doll. :)

That is all.