Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday James!

James turned 29 on Friday and he was happy to not spend the day moving somebody. Last year he moved us in to our current apartment and the year before that he moved me into our first apartment. (He joined me after our honeymoon.)

On his actual birthday I got up early and made him breakfast in bed:
I made too much sausage...
Later that day I made a birthday banner and started on his birthday pie (strawberry rhubarb.)
  I finished the pie on Saturday because I knew we weren't going to eat the pie until then.  James' birthday present this year was time in the recording studio with Mid 6.  They recorded that evening so I stayed in Logan and James went to Provo.  It wasn't ideal being apart but I was able to get a lot done around the apartment and take it easy.

On Saturday I had a baby shower thrown by the ladies in my ward.  I was totally surprised by the generosity of the women in my ward.  They were so nice!  My Mom and my Grandma Keller came up to attend the shower that morning.  It was a really fun shower.

The tower of diapers and wipes
James got home as we were unloading the gifts after the shower.  We went out to lunch and then to the water lab.  Because we were going to the lab right after James suggested we try Herm's Inn because it is on the way to the lab.  I was very impressed with the decor, it was so cool!  (The link is the architect's blog and it shows off some of the building and the food.)  Once we were at the lab James got to work and I did too.  I wrote thank you notes.  All of them.  It was a pain but WORTH IT.

I also rearranged our spare room and put away most of the gifts.  We sorted the baby clothes by size and I boxed up anything larger than 3-6 months.  I have no idea how big Mina is going to be!
Less than 10 weeks to go! Yikes!

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