Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Post #200!

Today is a wonderful day because this guy is 28!
Happy Birthday to the best husband ever! I love you James!

As usual, this is going to be another hodge podge of pictures and quasi-updates. This past weekend we went down to my parent's house for our nephew's blessing. Here's a picture of Grandma feeding the cutie:
The day before the blessing, the aunts threw a bridal shower for Jordan's fiancee, Lindsey. I made cupcakes and I had Avery taste test one before we went. I think they were good...
Speaking of said upcoming wedding, I "found" a dress. Actually, I got fed up after a couple of shopping trips so James and I went to Bernina and now I have this:
I really love the pattern, I just hope the cotton doesn't wrinkle too badly. I guess I'll see!

Last up, we moved this past week and with the move brings changes. Changes in the grocery store we'll frequent. Apparently Macey's has some pretty weird candy products on clearance. James couldn't resist trying it:

I have to say it was DISGUSTING! We both figured out that straight out of the tube it tasted like fluoride but without any of the benefits. The packaging was hilarious. The fact that it says things like, "Congratulations! You are about to enjoy..." and "Eat it slow, enjoy it more!" should have been red flags as to the disgust of it all.

You've been warned ;)

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