Sunday, June 12, 2011

Phone dump

Very often I use my cell phone to jot down ideas or thoughts either via word or picture. I realized that I had quite a few random/funny thoughts that I should probably record somewhere. I'll start with a funny experience that happened while were cleaning the church for a ward activity.

Location: Old Ninth Ward building, chapel
Task: Scrubbing off the scuff marks off the pews
Experience: I volunteered to help clean the chapel using generic "magic erasers" to get the scuff marks and crayon streaks off the pews. We quickly realized that it takes a fair amount of elbow grease to cut through the gunk and that action makes a squeaking noise. As I was working on the back of a pew, sitting on the floor and scrubbing as hard as I could, I heard someone enter the chapel. Next thing I knew there was a little boy who exclaimed, "I thought you were a dog! I was wondering how one got in the church!" Apparently the combination of the noise and my alleged dog colored hair would make a kid think a dog had made its way into the chapel.
You probably had to be there.

Location: Our new place!
James spent my first week of working for the Lyric (and his free week before meeting with his graduate adviser) moving our stuff from our old apartment to our new one. I helped to move stuff after I finished working each day. I took these pictures as we were moving the smaller stuff over, before the furniture.

Our entry way/dining area:
Our bedroom (with a VIEW!)

A laundry room, probably the BEST thing about our new place:
Our bathroom:

Our kitchen: No couch or yellow cabinets here!
Our living room:
James had a band practice with his friends. They are playing my brother's wedding reception so they figured they should probably practice. A bit.James would probably like me to point out that he isn't playing his own kit (he doesn't like a lot of the bands mentioned on the stickers. He also traded places with the lead guitarist to sing a few songs.

My husband is the absolute cutest.

Next batch: Costume shop
Experience: A few projects that were particularly challenging
#1 sewing satin ribbons on silk charmeuse
The almost finished product:

Challenge #2: Bias cut chiffon that is flatlined with shiny polyester:
Challenge #3 Coloring in the grid on a sweater vest.

There you have it! Three weeks worth of stuff!


LaRene said...

Don't you miss the yellow cupboards, couch in your kitchen and especially your landlady? Your new apartment looks like a good improvement. Love to you both.

Jared and Jessica said...

You are so busy! I hope you guys have a big getaway planned when you are all done with school! You deserve it! :)