Sunday, May 1, 2011

The weekend

This past weekend was kind of a doozy. There was the royal wedding (I LOVED Kate and Pippa's dresses,) I had my LAST day of class, we cleaned the church and we had some friends over on Saturday.

It's kind of funny how it didn't totally sink in that it was my last day of Spring classes. I had a continuance evaluation for grad school (they'll let me finish) and then I rushed off to class. It was sort of anti-climatic. On Saturday we cleaned the church, inside and out, as a ward activity. I helped to clean the chapel. We used magic erasers to clean the scuffs off of the benches. It was a lot of work but it was worth it! James helped in the cultural hall and outside. He's such a trooper.

After we cleaned ourselves up we worked on homework. I finished up my final essay and James did a take home exam. I went up to the costume shop to work on the wedding dress some more. It's coming along! I went home and made a pizza for dinner. We had some friends over for pizza and Wii. It was fun and laid back. After that we went grocery shopping where James was recognized for his senatorial achievements. Here's how it went down:
Jacob (the Smith's checker): Hey, don't you the ASUSU senator or a graduate senator or something?
James: Uh, yeah
Jacob: Yeah, I recognized your picture on the web site. I thought, "He shops at Smith's"

It was pretty funny. More funny than I my re-telling. Just ask James.

The last thing, I really like this website: It's a cool electronic bulletin board that you can sort things that you like according to subjects like food, crafts, home, fashion...etc. If anyone would like to join in, send me an e-mail I can send you an invite.
It's kind of addicting. Just a warning.

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