Monday, May 16, 2011

Nauvoo Trip (told through pictures...)

Big news: we all survived the Nauvoo trip! I'm going to tell the tale of our travels through photos. Just so you can get your bearings I'm starting out with a model of Nauvoo and the Mississippi River from the Nauvoo visitors center.

Before we arrived in Illinois we had to DRIVE. Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois. Much of the scenery looked like this (in varying colors):
Here is a picture from the Iowa welcome center. Please excuse the face, we woke early and I was too tired to get ready.

This is probably Iowa. But it sort of looks like bits of Nebraska too. I'm guessing Iowa.

After DAYS of driving, we arrived in Nauvoo. We stayed in log cabins. James's parents and his sister and her kids stayed in this one.

James and I took a walk to the temple later that day. We were sick of the car, can you blame us?

The view was amazing!

The next day we went to the park.

The kids enjoyed it.

Especially us!

Later on we visited Carthage Jail. It was incredibly spiritual and it reminded me of the blessings of eternal families.

After Carthage we drove to Iowa to do some grocery shopping. Zack seemed to want to make a break for it. Not that I can blame him...

We didn't stop here but it made me giggle. I'm not crazy, I have a reason. It can be found here.

Another grocery store we didn't stop at but holds significance. Both James and I shopped here on our missions. Cool huh?

We went on an ox cart ride, here the kids are getting acquainted with the beasts.

The kids also enjoyed the blacksmith shop. Brooklyn received the miniature horse shoe because of her red hair (the Elder had red hair when he was younger.)

James looking at the artifacts in the press office.

James showing off his newly learned coopering skills!

The reason for our trip: Liz, John and Waylon were sealed as a family in the temple. It was a wonderful experience even if Waylon screamed the entire time! He's so cute !

The last day we visited a few more sites including the Sarah Granger Kimball home. It was a bit of a walk but it was worth it!
We were even able to fit in a session with Candice and Hutch. It was really great to spend time in that sacred place!
Of course I realized on the last night that I didn't have a clear picture of Liz and John's restaurant. It's called Dottie's Red Front and it is located at 1305 Mulholland Street. They have owned it since the beginning of the year. Here is a local article about it.
Totally out of order but... We stayed in the Danielson cabin with Candice, Hutch and Perrin.
It looks like Pioneer village on the outside and a modern cabin on the inside.The one downside was probably the door. I have a hard enough time with modern keys, much less OLDY TIMEY KEYS. It was still fun.

And, because I am a total nerd, this is a picture of the property one of my ancestors owned. I found the information at the Lands and Records Office. I really geeked out.

The last day of traveling. Our niece, Brooklyn, wanted to take a picture so this is what she took. Bleary traveler, no?
We had lunch in Rawlins, Wyoming at a place called Cappy's. Funny story about this place: nine years ago my Dad drove me and Jordan to Denver for the David Bowie concert. We needed to stop for lunch and we saw JB's on the hill so we thought, hey, that sounds nice! The problem was that it was closed, along with most of the town!
It was a pretty funny experience but I think you had to be there.

I'm really glad we were able to be a part of it. But, I don't want to take a long road trip like that for a VERY long time.


LaRene said...

I enjoyed your pictures and am glad that you had the opportunity to see Nauvoo and especially to go through the temple for the sealing of James sister and husband. Love you both.

Exuberant Chaos said...

Love the picture of you and all the Nauvoo goodness!

Sometimes blurry pictures captures the real moment that clear crisp pictures distract us from. Beautiful you!