Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just when it couldn't get anymore awesome...

It all started last Monday when my brother walked into our parent's room and told them some important news. It continued when he told me the same news on Wednesday. The fun escalated even further when I got a call from my youngest sister saying that our other sister was in the hospital. It's sort of crazy.

Now for the clarification:

Hil and Josh had their second baby on Sunday morning. Lauren called me and said that they were planning on leaving for Vegas that night, as soon as Dad got home from the Priesthood session. It was pretty crazy. They made it there about an hour after Parker was born. I love this cute picture of Avery and her little brother.It kind of makes you wonder how long until he's bigger than Avery.

My funny brother Jordan proposed to his fantastic girlfriend Lindsey today.
I haven't heard how he did it but I'm sure it was nice. I'm really happy for them! We did sort of joke that there could only be Keller kid weddings every 5 years because Hil and Josh got married in 2005 and James and I got married in 2010. We sort of figured that Lauren would get married in 2015 (don't worry, she would be 21,) Alex would get married in 2020 (he would be 28) and Jordan would finally get married in 2025 at the ripe old age of 38. I'm glad I was wrong.

The good news continued with...
I'm very excited for this because of the following reasons:
  1. It is a larger place with an actual living room and TWO bedrooms
  2. Cable and internet are included in the rental price
  3. We will finally be able to watch movies on our couch (our place is so small that our couch is in our kitchen, it's a kitchen couch)
  4. It has a washer and dryer!
  5. Our landlords are super nice as opposed to crazy
  6. The new apartment has multiple actual windows with nice views instead of the tiny windows and no view from our one good window
  7. The walls aren't covered in dated wallpaper (although the kitchen wallpaper is sort of fun)
  8. Providence seems like a nice place to live
It's been a pretty good week. Busy as usual, but good.


Exuberant Chaos said...

That is awesome!! Did you make it to the reunion?! Parker is way cute for sure!

I want to see pics of the new apartment!!!

Ruthanne said...

I'm glad you get to move to a nicer place. Love you!