Sunday, April 24, 2011

I might be crazy

HAPPY EASTER! I loved this message that my sister shared on her blog. It is a wonderful reminder of why we celebrate and the reason for our lives. I am so grateful for our Saviour and His sacrifice for us all. I know that He lives!

I recently finished my renderings for Frost/Nixon for design studies. It's a play about the 1977 interviews between David Frost and former President Richard Nixon. I wanted to delve deeper into the characters so it wasn't just a design of men in suits. I'm really happy with how they turned out and as soon as I get them scanned, I'll post them on my Behance portfolio.
It was also a good experience with patterns, as seen in the rendering of Caroline Cushing.However, my sanity could be called into question with my decision to render a PLAID SUIT. It's crazy but it's a totally appropriate choice for that time period. If you have any question of that, please refer back to this picture from a previous post. It's my Dad's yearbook picture from that time period. Not only is it appropriate for the time, it was also fitting for the character. While I was working on the rendering I decided to take step by step pictures.
Picture #1 shading and horizontal lines:
Picture #2 vertical lines and some of the secondary lines
Picture #3, the completed rendering. I cheated here and skipped a few steps including the layers in the shirt, face, hands, shoes and hair. Plus, I totally repainted all of the main plaid lines because they weren't right. It was kind of frustrating. Despite that, I'm happy with the end result.Exhibit B for my case of crazy: I'm making my friend's wedding dress. We designed it and I'm making it. I drafted a paper pattern and then made a muslin mock-up. After the fitting I altered the pattern and used that to cut out the pieces in silk dupioni. Now I get to finish cutting out the flat lining of the leftover muslin and serge all the pieces together.I used my cool Ginghers to cut out the silk pieces. They really are the Cadillac of scissors, as my grandma has said. I hope to have it finished by this week so my cute friend doesn't have to worry about it during finals week!
Isn't the silk beautiful? Even with a crappy cell phone picture you can still see the luster of the fabric. (Side note, I stumbled upon the work of a wonderful LDS designer. Her work is mind blowing!)

With all the craziness, I do have someone who helps me stay sane, James. He is so wonderful. He played his guitar and sang for me while I painted on Saturday. Plus, he did the laundry while I was at the shop working on the dress and striking "Three Musketeers." It was so funny, he wouldn't tell me what he did while I was gone. It was only when I saw some of the wet clothes drying in our bedroom that he admitted what he had done. He's so cute like that. Did I mention he also does the dishes? I'm so lucky!
And last up, renderings of Nixon. I was trying the get the shadows dark enough so I took pictures with my cell phone. I think it worked.
One more week until finals! AHHHHH! We can do it! I know we can!


LaRene said...

Your rendering of the plaid suit
is very correct, I do remember your Dad having a suit like that. I still marvel that you can design and undertake making a wedding dress. Love to both you and James

Ruthanne said...

Linds, your renderings look great! You not only draw and create well, you know how to pick a terrific husband too. He was certainly worth the wait, wasn't he? Love you guys!