Saturday, March 12, 2011


So the title is almost the same as the last one but there is a slight difference. Can you tell? Do you know? Okay, it's an extra !. I'm a little too tired to make up an exciting title for this entry. Spring break has consisted of homework, mainly. I finished writing a paper for my theory class and I worked on my set design for Grey Gardens. It kind of makes me feel ill when I realize how many small things I still need to do to finish the project. Ugh.The basic set for ACT I, set in the 30's in a summerhouse in the Hamptons.
And the set up for ACT II, same house but in the seventies. I realized after how crooked the picture wound up being. Oops. I really should just use my camera. Oh well!

The rest of the break was broken up like this:
Tuesday: New haircuts for me and James. Nothing super different, but needed!
Wednesday:Lunch at Applebee's with Grandpa Keller, it was a lot of fun!
Thursday: I had lunch with my friend Erin and then James and I visited his old boss, Esther, at the landfill. It was really fun, honest.
Friday: James had a gig at Flirts (complete with a belly dancer in between the band's sets. Weird!) I went out to dinner with his parents and worked on my set.
Saturday: Lunch with James' family and grocery shopping back home.

Is it weird that I feel like I need a break from the break?

Oh! I forgot to write about a REALLY weird dream I had during the break:
Apparently USU was preparing to stage Black Swan: the play! and I had been involved in learning the choreography during the rehearsal process. This would have been fine except for the fact that I can't make my feet move and my tights keep falling down. I'm in the dressing room, trying to help the other dancers with their make-up and one of the writers/directors/person in charge comes up to me and demands to know why I didn't say any of my lines. I told them that I didn't have any lines, I was just learning choreography. Then they tell me that I'm supposed to be the lead! Ahhhh! Scary! The funny thing was that we had a bunch of "guest artists" including Janeel Junker, Marci Muhlstein and Andrew Joy. It was so bizarre! Next thing I know I'm trying to convince the people in charge that Marci would be a much better choice and I start safety pinning the costume on to her because it's too big.

Ugh, I hate dreams like that! I don't even like letting people down or slacking off in my dreams.

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