Sunday, February 13, 2011


Warning: there are a ba-jillion pictures in this post. I'll come up with captions so you can follow what happened.

#1 A photo with Avery. I stayed with Hil and Josh on the way down and the way back. Ave and I had a good time!

#2 Caroline couldn't drive with one hand during this stretch of road so Molly fed her cheeseball and crackers.
#3 Caroline's boards. She won the regional prize! Good job Kennedy!
#4 The winning designs, headed to the national competition at the Kennedy Center in DC.
#5 The ceiling of the Los Angeles Theatre Center. It used to be a bank.
#6 Caroline and her boards, the day we presented. She was much relieved.
#7 Me and my boards and book.
#8 Trying to get a jumping picture. We really did jump. Promise.
#9 Molly and Caroline at Babycakes NYC bakery. The banana cupcakes were the best- gluten, sugar, dairy and something else free. I can't remember, there was a big list. I'm glad Molly and I swapped halves of the red velvet cupcake because it tasted weird.
#10 The guest house in West Hollywood, it was built in 1928!
#11 Guest house, kitchen.
#12 Guest house, sun room.
#13 Guest house dining room.
#14 Guest house, view down the stairs.
#15 Bathroom (1 out of 4!)
#16 Annie's room, with really cute windows.
#17 A view from the landing...
#18 the front room.
#19 the entry way.
#20 Hollywood boulevard, Milinda and I went exploring.
#21 The Kodak Center
#22 Disney's El Capitan theatre
#23 A view down the Boulevard
#24 Milinda Weeks and me, at the Kodak Center, thank you camera timer
#25 Milinda and a Chinese statue at the Theatre
#26 Feeling the love at Sephora. Shocking news, I didn't even go in any Sephora store.
#27 Feeling confused at Cary Grant's shoe and hand impressions. We're about the same size.
#28 Bowie!
#29 Molly and Caroline at Max Factor's star, he was a make up pioneer
#30 The Hollywood sign as viewed from the Kodak Center
#31 Guest house, another view of the beautiful sun room
#32 Beautiful GREEN trees!
#33 The ferris wheel at the Santa Monica pier
#34 Annie and Milinda on the ferris wheel
#35 The beach at Santa Monica
#36 Milinda taking pictures...she did that a lot
#37 Caroline basking in the sun with her ukulele
To sum up: Brandee and Molly are going to Nationals in April for Set design and Make up, Milinda, Annie and Caroline won regional prizes in Lights, Set and Costume. Way to do USU proud!


rkeller60 said...

You are an amazingly talented girl and I love you! It was fun seeing all your pictures.

LaRene said...

Love your pictures of your trip. You have been so blessed to have been given your amazing talent. Love ya

Ellen Nicole Allen said...

I love the Santa Monica Pier. It looks like you had a great time!

Jared and Jessica said...

Looks like a fun trip! Like everyone has said you sure are a talented girl!