Saturday, October 30, 2010

Utah Halloween

So, I decided to be ambitious and make good food for Halloween this year. I realize Halloween is actually tomorrow but, hey, it's the Sabbath and this is Utah. I made...
Bolognese sauce
and crescent rolls with delicious spices inside.
Our friends Lonnie and Amber came over to eat before they went to the Howl. It was fun to visit with them and socialize. Earlier, Alex came by with some friends before they went to the Howl. It's my second Halloween here and I still don't really have any interest in attending the Howl.

Earlier this week James and I carved pumpkins at our friends' house, Seth and Lisa. James' pumpkin is on top and mine is on the ground.
And attempting to capture the jack-o-lanterns with my sometimes shoddy camera.
Happy Halloween!

One more thing! We had a trick or treater! One! It was a good thing we bought that bag of candy!

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Alexis said...

Love the Halloween treats!

Hey and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new layout of you blog!!!