Monday, October 25, 2010

As promised...

First up, macaroons. I made another batch for General Conference. I think they look lovely and they were delicious.We got our wedding photos, courtesy of Becky at Ravenberg Photography. I tried to load more onto the blog but it wouldn't work. Enjoy this one!

I am very sorry for the next picture. It is probably the MOST unflattering picture of myself I have ever seen. I look like I've gained 50lbs. Not so, just a really awful pose, dress and expression. James, however, looks great! He made a very cute Mario.
From the same family Halloween party, my cupcake. I thought it was very cute.
Next up, photos from Fall break. We went to California for the baby blessing of Waylon, son to Liz and John. Liz is James' sister. We were very glad they waited for Fall break so we could all be there.
Unfortunately, another unflattering picture. Seriously, why do I pose like this??? It gives me the illusion of big hips!
The Haunted Mansion, all dolled up courtesy of the Nightmare Before Christmas.
James' parents dressed up for Mickey's Trick or Treat party. I highly recommend going during October during the special openings. There aren't as many people, the people that are there are in costume (mostly) and there is candy! Any how, back to Brent and Melanie, AKA Bert and Mary Poppins.
James was very excited to see...
Waiting in line for a ride...
Me in front of the castle.
And another shot of my cute in-laws at the end of the night.
School is going well, busy but well. The shop has started working on Midsummer, it's going to be a lot of work but we're totally cut out for it. Busy, busy times.


Hilary said...

Looks like you had lots of fun on your trip!

Alexis said...

love the updates! I love the Halloween spirit! Well the good spirit!

Hey so I deleted my facebook and so blogging, calling and hanging out is the way I roll! I want to meet James soon!! wink wink!

Also... I had no idea that you cooked and baked so well! Love it and they are all so pretty and I bet they are yummy too!

Love you!