Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dinner with cool people!

On Monday night James and I drove down to Salt Lake for dinner with a wonderful couple he met on his mission. Atilla and Yvonne Erarslans took care of James while he was working with their daughter-in-law and son. I had heard so much about them and I was very excited to finally meet them! We ate at PF Changs and although the pictures only show six people, times that by itself and you'll get the real amount. It was funny that James only knew a few of the people. The rest were connected to the Erarslans through Switzerland, Turkey and Facebook (seriously!) It was wonderful to finally meet James' "Swiss Mommy" (Yvonne's words, not James'!)
Melanie, Brent and Atilla.

Melanie, Brent, Yvonne, James, me and Atilla.

Oh, and, my sister is PREGNANT! We were sworn to secrecy back in August. Hilary and Josh told us via Avery's "Big Sister" shirt. It was very cute even though not everyone got it at first. I'm excited to be an aunt again!


Candice J said...

Yeah!! Tell Hilary congrats!! That's exciting!!

Anonymous said...

...Is that a mustache I see on James?!?

Scarlet said...

where did James go on his mission.. I'm assuming Switzerland