Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wild and crazy

The results of combining active sleep patterns with wet hair!
Personally, I think it's kind of hilarious. My hair never gets this big even when I want it to be. When my hair was short, I used to wake up looking like Andy Warhol.

Sometimes I consider cutting my hair again but I'm kind of liking the longish hair. It isn't quite the natural color but it's close enough that it doesn't cause me grief. I've been thinking the past two days, because the last two are the two when my head has been the clearest and I haven't had things due. Anyhow, I had a break through yesterday that caused me to feel...I don't want to say it...I dont' want to admit it... . . . I was BORED. Generally I have strong feelings against boredom because I've felt that "only boring people are bored" and I'm much to creative for that. It happened yesterday and it made me feel like I was ten years old.

It wasn't as though I hadn't accomplished anything yesterday, I did quite a bit. The problem was that I did it all too quickly. I exercised too fast, I read a book too fast, and even my laundry was done in record time. By the time two o'clock rolled around I was done with things I wanted to do. In an effort to combat this for the next few days, I have decided to turn off my alarm and sleep for as long as I want!
I think I made it to 8:30 today and that was even with staying up to watch Antiques Roadshow (yes, I AM 60 years old!) Anywhoo... Today I'm going to exercise and maybe walk around town, exploring Main Street. If that doesn't pan out, I might walk over to the Library and read some books and periodicals (it sounds better than magazines!) With any luck, I won't run out of things to do!


Hilary said...

The other night I went to bed with wet hair...Josh laughed and laughed. We must be cursed! Love ya.

Erika said...

Love the photos!! And I love that you are 10 years old and 60 years old in the same post...

Also I hope the celebrities in your previous post get swine flu too, lol!! That is ridiculous.