Monday, May 25, 2009

Do you ever?

Do you ever find yourself feeling a bit like this boy:

You know the type: well-meaning, awkward, weird, and prone to singing along to songs while wearing headphones or while just sitting at a desk. Sometimes I feel like Marcus although usually without the spontaneous singing. Oh, and the bizarre bowl/acorn haircut (poor kid.) The awkward and weird yet well-meaning bits seem to fit all too well.
Take for example tonight's adventure at FHE. I had been feeling pretty cool with my blonde streak in my hair and my strappy sandals (no flip flops for this lummox.) Even though we played ultimate frisbee I did pretty well. I threw some successful throws, I caught several tosses, and I didn't fall an embarrassingly large amount of the time. I feeling pretty good. Until, however, I tried to talk to a guy I was interested in. It was like cool grad student with the blonde streak was abducted and replaced by my seventh grade self, the one with the "He-Man" haircut. The one who gets tongue tied, the one who tried so hard to fit in, the one who wore sweater vests over tee shirt with shorts and Doc Marten mary-janes(I wish I had a picture to prove it.) Awkward should be my middle name, not Anne. I wouldn't even need to change my initals.


Erika said...

You are so funny! And I love that movie, by the way, good old Marcus... anyway I was going to say I got a calling in Young Women's and I felt like I was in high school all over again, wanting the girls to "like" me and trying to approach them and making conversation all awkward-like, it was ridiculous! However it's gotten much better! I'm sure your blonde streak made up for any awkwardness with you, right?

Me (the big cheese) said...

hey, that girl in 7th grade with the "he man" cut was pretty cute if you ask me :) She was my best friend after all. Oh, and by the way I love Snapple, the Beatles, Snoopy and what else???????

Lindsay said...

Lagoon! We loved Lagoon too! Thanks for commenting ;)

The Professor said...

"About A Boy" was a sweet flick. On the bright side, the first time Marcus met the punk girl who went on to be in the Harry Potter movies, it was totally awkward, too, and they worked things out fine. So I wouldn't worry.