Thursday, January 15, 2009

Desert Island DVDs

I'm taking a break from my homework to answer a tag from my friend Scott. It is kind of like the Desert Island Discs from a few months ago. Here are the rules, as laid out by Scott:
• Only one movie from a series
• Only one movie from a given director
• Limit the list to 10

And now, in no particular order, my top ten.

I can't remember exactly when I first saw "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner." It was probably in college on TCM. The acting in this movie is superb, the emotions are raw, and it is funny without insulting your intelligence. I also love that Spencer Tracy's character reminds me of my Grandpa Keller in an indirect way.

"An Ideal Husband" is taken from one of Oscar Wilde's plays. It is hilarious, also in a way that doesn't insult a person's intelligence. I think I really like movies like that. Also I really like Jeremy Northam even if he does have a mustache in this movie.

Aw "Penelope." I saw this in the theatre and then watched it A LOT during my time at the bank on my breaks. This movie is about a girl with a curse that can only be broken by love. Fortunately there is a twist. Combine that with fantastic visuals (costumes, sets, James McAvoy..) and you have a stupendous movie. I loved this movie so much that I dressed like Penelope for Halloween. It wasn't a readily recognizable character but it was worth it when people did know who I was dressed as.

There was a bit of struggle between this one and "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Sean Connery was the tipping point in this one, he is SO funny! The bickering between Indy and Henry is probably my favorite in this movie. The back to back chair scene is one of the best.

This was another movie that almost didn't make the list due to my affinity for the movie "Emma." I chose not to include both because it was sort of like having two movies of the same series because they are both based on Jane Austen novels. The cast was the tipping point in this one, Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet are brilliant. I feel a lot like Elinore but I am probably more like Marianne.

Sword fights! Pirates! Mystery! Intrigue! Henry Cavill! (Jim Caviezel isn't too bad either but I noticed Henry Cavill when I saw it in the theatre.) Hey, it's really different than the book but for once that didn't seem to bug me. I love the action and adventure. It's so exciting!

Okay, so technically I have only seen this movie once but it made a pretty big impact on me. It's a mystery from the 1960's about a woman who moves to England with her daughter, Bunny. She goes to pick Bunny up from school the first day and they all claim Bunny was never there. I'm usually pretty good about figuring movies out but this one had me guessing until the end.
The Zombies play a part in the movie as well. I think "Tell Her No" is featured.

Speaking of great 60's music, "A Hard Day's Night" is full of it. It is toted as a day in the life of the Beatles but it's really just a comedy. I rented this A LOT from Cosmo's when I was growing up. Lariann and Christina can attest to that fact.

If there was any doubt to my nerdery, this movie is proof of it. I adore the original trilogy but I love this one most of all. There was excitement (the whole episode in the asteroid field,) personal growth (Luke hanging out with Yoda,) and reluctant romance (Han and Leia...) It is a movie that I love watching.
And rounding out the Top Ten is "Down With Love." I'm not a massive Renee Zellweger fan but I am a Ewan McGregor fan. He's such a smooth dog in this movie but dang he looks good! And he sings a bit too!

The movies that could have made the list if it were longer:

Robin Hood (the Disney version)

Mountain of the Lord (yes, the movie about the Salt Lake Temple. Remember, nerd???)

That Thing You Do!


You Only Live Twice

Funny Face

On Her Majesty's Secret Service


Twilight (Just kidding!)


Scarlet said...

I love Down with Love!!
I almost had 3 Ewan movies on my list, but I had to restrain myself... :)

Megan said...

EMMA is me ALL TIME favorite movie. Funny Face is also up there in my list of movies. I like you even more after learning what great taste you have in movies!