Thursday, June 26, 2008

Officially at WAR!

I went to the doctor this week and he sort of agreed with my suspicions about being lactose intolerant. It sort of sucks because I love dairy stuff. Anyway I'm feeling better and my stomach hasn't hurt in the last twenty-four hours. I tried some ginger herbal tea and it seemed to work. Hopefully I just needed to get whatever it was out of my system and I'll start feeling better and more like myself.

Has anyone else heard those commercials for Wendy's frosty shakes? They really bug me. Here's why:
1. They advertise the shakes as something that can make you happy, like sleeping in or day light savings. What about people who get mad stomach aches after eating dairy. I wasn't happy when I had stomache aches.
2. What the heck are "factory shakes?" They claim that their shakes are "made in front of you" not like one of those "factory shakes." I asked a co-worker and we couldn't figure it out.
3. I guess I only had two qualms.

Has anyone heard about the Lavender Festival in Mona, Utah? Apparently they have baking with lavender AND a lavender fairy. Where is Mona anyways?


BBLuv said...

Haha I have been there before. Mona is just before you get to Nephi. It is about an hour from Kaysville or a bit less depending on traffic. It is fun but I was unempressed with the over priced items. I absolutely LOVE Lavender. Plan to spend a couple hours though and do some of the activities to make your trip worthwhile. I was really hoping to find some aroma for the home lavendar type thingy and they didn't really have what I needed. But I didn't look into the baking parts of it. I does look pretty and smell good when you get there but as I mentioned it is pretty small. lol easy to miss the exit!

Mechelle said...

Good ol' Mona! Don't blink or you might miss it! Jon tried one of those frosty shake things- I wasn't that impressed!

Josh and Hilary said...

That is too bad about your stomach. I can only have a little milk myself!! STAY AWAY FROM THE LAVENDER FARMS...Young Living is CRAZY. If you go anywhere near a Young Living Distributor, you will smell for a week!!!!

LIZ said...

Welcome to the club! I have been lactose intolerant my whole life and it totally sucks!