Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mid-air Pineapple Slicing

For some reason I found a cheesy commercial REALLY funny this morning. It was a commercial for knives, the supernaturally sharp kind that can do supernatural things. Ordinary knives can cut through a pop can or a hammer but not this supernaturally great knife. This one can cut through...brace yourselves...a pineapple in mid-air. A pineapple in mid-air. What the heck??? Who needs to cut through a mid-air pineapple? Although, really, who needs to cut through a hammer or a pop can? It was utterly ridiculous. And I haven't even started on the ridiculous "chef" costume the presenter was wearing.

I don't know what I would have written if this had been a full length infomercial.

Today is my brother's 21st birthday, his second and last as a missionary in Washington State. I'm not sure what he did today but I am sure he did something funny. Dang, I miss him.


LIZ said...

I know honestly, who cuts a pineapple in mid air?

Mechelle said...

Linds- hello! that actually is funny- It would be really neat to see someone but that out at like a BBQ or something like that! I hope all is well with you! What bank do you work at?