Monday, December 8, 2014

Halloween 2014

For the last two years Mina hasn't had much of an opinion about Halloween costumes.  We chose cool, nerdy costumes for her first and second Halloweens; a Dalek and an Ewok. This year marked the end of parental choice.  Mina decided she wanted to be Katerina Kittycat and Magnus would be O the Owl from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  

I correctly assumed that the Katerina costume would come together faster than the owl costume.  I decided to use fleece because it gets cold here on Halloween.  (I should say USUALLY is cold on Halloween.) For the owl legs I decided to make a pair of stretch pants out of cotton knit.  Our local Hancock didn't have tan so I bought some tan Rit dye as well.

 For the body of the costume I decided to cut out individual "feathers" and layer them.  The effect was really nice and I think it was worth all the time I took to create the main costume.
 I decided to try the same effect with the hat.
 I decided against it.  The whole process was really time consuming!
 Especially with a fussy baby and a busy toddler.

 Eventually the costume came together!
 Mina's almost completed costume.
 The kids' costumes, ready for their party.
 By Halloween day I had my costume finished as well.  It wasn't that great, just a poorly executed wrap dress with a bow and ears.
 Mina was very excited to go trick or treating at her Grandpa's office.

 Magnus in his O hat.

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