Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Comic Con 2014

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I made Jordan's Comic Con costume. I spent a few weeks on it but I honestly should have spent closer to a month. It was kind of elaborate. 
Here is a refresher of what we started with, a video game character from Skyrim. 
I patterned the costume and wound up with over 50 pieces including pants, tunic, hooded over tunic and fingerless gloves. It took a really long time to cut out all of those pieces. 
Slowly, very slowly, the pieces came together. 
It was a pain to line up the seams but it was well worth it!
The under tunic had a majority of the pieces, so many seams!
I pinned a cut out of my hand on the hooded tunic, to check the size and placement for the painted hand. You can see it's starting to come together at this point. 
After that I had the decorative stitching to add. By hand. I could have taken a week on the stitching alone. 
My fingers were very sore. 
Did I mention I had an earlier deadline because we were going on vacation? Yep. We left the week of Comic Con. Luckily, Jordan is really laid back and compassionate. He was really appreciative of his costume. I really wanted to add some distressing so it didn't look so pristine. 
Here is Jordan at Comic Con. I neglected to take pictures when he picked up his costume. 

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