Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I've been pretty busy lately. I should blog more often. 
I made a baby shower present for my friend Courtney's baby boy-to-be. 
Shrunken sweater vest coat and wrap shoes. 
I lined it with an old tee shirt. I love stripes!

The next project I finished was an under the bust corset. 
Pattern and detail of finished front:

Next I made a costume for my brother for Comic Con. 
Henchman 21 from Venture Brothers. 
I altered a hooded shirt and pajama pants to make the bodysuit. Then I made the gloves, boot covers and "romper" out of gold cotton fabric. The wings, goggles and belt buckle were made from foam core that I painted after. 
We used red sunglasses as a base and added the foam core over the top. 
Jordan gave me an old pair of boots to build upon. I used Velcro to close the inside edge and I hot glued the fabric tops to the boots. Classy. 
James helped me test out the harness for the wings. He's such a sport. 
I'm pretty happy with the final results. Jordan said he took a lot of pictures with people during the two days he attended in costume. He appreciated that the pouch on his belt was functional so he could carry his phone and wallet. I also added Velcro to the belt buckle so he could remove it when he was sitting. 

Last up, a tree. 
It will hang on a blackboard and magnetized apples will hang on it. The apples will have songs on the backside. 

I'm tired. 

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Courtney Kearns said...

Your outfit was the talk of my shower! people couldn't believe my good fortune. Either can i.