Wednesday, July 14, 2010

As I sit in the library...

I'm sitting in the library, on campus, "working" on my thesis. It's really a "Plan B Report" but "thesis" makes sense to people. As I sit, waiting to jump back into writing and editing, I am reminded of a few things:
  1. Libraries are cool in numerous ways, including air conditioning and potentially free entertainment. I say potentially because sometimes fees are involved.
  2. I had a really strange dream last night involving a seriously overdue library book. Really? Who dreams about that kind of stuff AND feels anxiety about it? Oh, me.
  3. I am half way through my grad school career. A year from now I will be hopefully working on my last chapter, getting it ready for a committee review before I defend it. AHHHH! And, James and I will celebrate our first anniversary. Whoa.
Now that I have that out of my system I'm going to get to work on writing about "Always...Patsy Cline."

24 Days to go!

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