Monday, June 7, 2010

Ugh, I'm tired.

But, probably not nearly as tired as my sister-in-law to be, Candice who just had a baby. Literally.
This afternoon.
All I can say is CONGRATULATIONS!!!

It seems like an update is in order. In the while since I last wrote the following things happened:

-I have been to two, excellent, bridal showers. I was late to both. I was NOT happy about that.

-I moved into the apartment. THE apartment. My parents came up with Hilary and Alex and James, of course. I really like it. It's cozy and I'm getting used to living alone. I guess I'll have to get over that in August or else things could get really awkward.

-Things are moving along for Always...Patsy Cline. We had a fitting on Saturday and things are going well. There are still somethings we need to construct but we have time.

There you go, an update, just so you know I'm still alive. (whoever might be reading this...)

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Alexis said...

Please say that you come to Salt Lake or Orem area?? I might have to beg... we need to get together pronto! even if it's a Sunday! Love you and miss you way too much.