Friday, May 14, 2010

"Summer Break"

How is it Friday already? This week has gone by waaaaay too fast, unfortunately. We were able to get a lot of wedding stuff done this week including:
  1. Invitations have been selected even though we won't send them to the printer until the end of June. James and I are both going to be busy this summer.
  2. We planned our wedding cake. Okay, Melanie and I planned it while James watched Lost but at least we were all in the same room.
  3. My lovely and talented friend, Becky, shot our engagement pictures on Tuesday. You can check out her fantastic work here. We went to This Is The Place (something) Park on Tuesday evening and we were lucky to miss out on the rain. It drizzled a little at first but then it stopped until we got to our cars after we were done. After that it rained A LOT! I was just glad that it held off until after we were done. Even though it didn't rain it was still cold. Not the weather to wear this:
If it looks familiar it sort of is. I made a half scale version with lantern sleeves and a flared skirt and it was so cute I had to make one for myself! That and I had a ridiculous amount of that fabric left over from a project a few years ago. I was going to decorate my room in this fabric. I got as far as making a bed cover, a bulletin board and I also covered a chair. I got a little excited when I bought the fabric.

4. The acquisition of addresses continues...if you know that I don't have your address send me an e-mail at I don't want to miss anyone!

The rest of the week has been spent dealing with car stuff. I registered my car but before I could do that I had to get a new windshield (stupid Sardine Canyon.) On the plus side, the world does look a lot nicer through a new windshield. Have I mentioned how grateful I am for my tax return? It was pretty sweet. It really came in handy with these extra expenses.

What else? What else? Final grades have been posted and.....

Another 4.0.

Three for three, straight A's. Half way done. Three more semesters to go...

Work starts on Monday, it is a good and bad thing. Good for friends, bad because I'll be 100-something miles away from James.


Alexis said...

Where is James working and where are you going to be working. I know you told me. .. I'm so excited to see your photos! Love that part of wedding things!

Love you Linds!

Erin said...

Wow! That does sound busy! Way to go on another 4.0. That's awesome.

Scarlet said...

I had to buy 2 new windshields before I got my car registered this year. Stupid car!
Cute dress, I can't wait to see your engagement pictures. Do you have my address? I know you were just at my house like 3 months ago, but you may have lost it. Let me know!