Sunday, February 14, 2010

ACTF and the aftermath

I got back from ACTF this afternoon. It was held at at Dixie State College in St. George.

The weather was very nice.

Unfortunately, blogger isn't quite as nice. I can't seem to move my pictures around so this entry is going to be very out of order. I am sorry.

I spent Thursday afternoon and evening in Vegas with Hilary, Avery and Josh. It was wonderful to spend even just a little while with my sister.
I also FINALLY got a picture with Catherine Zublin, the reason why I am a costume designer. I wanted to get a picture at graduation but I was dumb and decided to carry my iPod and not my cell phone. It was really great to see my old friends from Weber State. (They did a FANTASTIC job with "Sleepy Hollow!")

The USU group at Applebees after all of our presentations and auditions. Around the table, starting at the left: Brandee Jenks, Molly Hill, Jared Rounds, Felicia Stehmeier, Isaac Taylor, Jenn Stapley Taylor, Anthony Johnson, Paul Yeates, Mindie Yeates, Shanice Holt, me, Nathan Kluthe, Tim Roghaar and Shawn Fisher.
Brandee Jenks' Barbizon winning board. She is heading to Washington DC with three other designers from Utah State including Anthony Johnson (lights), Jenn Stapley-Taylor (set) and Molly Hill (make-up.) Brandee has great pictures on her blog located here.
Honorable Mention winner from Utah Valley University, it's basically 3rd place.
My ACTF doppleganger, apparently. I was asked if I "was Blanche" when I was walking into a theatre. I had no idea what the person meant and my friends pointed me in the right direction.
Me and my boards, I won the regional award also known as 2nd place.

On our way home we made a detour to the Lotus Krishna temple in Spanish Fork. It was pretty cool!


Ruthanne said...

Your boards looked great! I'm so glad you could stay over night. I love you, Linds. Congrats on taking regionals. (Did I say that correctly?)

Kristen said...

congratulations Lindsay! That is fantastic!