Monday, December 29, 2008

always crashing in the same car...

Unfortunately the blog title isn't just an off hand lyric, it's true.
  • My car still drives
  • No one was hurt (not even the curb I hit!)
  • Nobody else was involved
  • I have insurance

I've decided that Christmas vacation isn't long enough, I still have to pack for my move. It is going to be hard to say good bye to everyone for a little while. It has been really wonderful to have the whole family together again. Avery is super cute. We'll be together again in a while, I'm sure.

Happy New Year!


LIZ said...

At least you are ok.

You will have a blast at school and family won't be that far away. Have a great time and good luck.

Scarlet said...

UGH! I Hate car accidents. I have been in way to many to ever wish one upone another person. I'm very glad tht you're okay. :)