Monday, March 24, 2008


Yesterday my grandpa told me that Sephora was coming to Utah. I thought initally that it was just going to be a distribution center and maybe, just maybe, an outlet store of some kind. Upon looking at the newspaper this morning I saw Miss Utah-USA primping before opening the Sephora counter at JC Penney in Riverdale. Sephora has come to Utah. IKEA has come. Steve and Barry's has come. Maybe H&M will be next. Ooooh, or Dean and Deluca.

Apparently I locked my account by using licensed images. Oops. Now I know.

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Julie said...

Okay, this post was forever ago, but I was reading it, so I'm commenting. SEPHORA???? IN UTAH?????? Where is this Riverdale? I'll be looking it up right now. You just made my life so much better. Thank you, stranger.r